It's not a tough steak that will shut your business...
It's poor food safety practices!


Australian Food Hygiene Services (AFHS) Pty Ltd is an accredited company offering consulting, training and auditing for the hospitality industry.
Specialising in Health Care!

Directed by Marjorie Harvey, the AFHS team has over 30 years experience in the field,
boasting an extensive client base built on quality and professional service... more

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    Auditing Peace of mind Accreditation
Avoid the food offence list!
Great marketing for your business

2nd Party Auditing
3rd Party Food Safety Auditing
Internal Auditing

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    Fod Safety Systems Food Safety Programs (Class 1) for
Hospitals, Aged Care & Child Care

Designing food safety policies and procedures
Food Safety Consulting
Gap reports for Food Act compliance

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    Court Support Assist businesses in obtaining total compliance
Representative of businesses: Working with lawyers
Witness in favour for court cases

Accredited Food Safety Training
Food Safety Advice/training for Volunteers Groups
Public Speaking for businesses/volunteers


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