Marj Harvey
Marjorie Harvey

Marjorie is the Founder & Director of Australian Food Hygiene Services. She heads a highly experienced and qualified team of auditors, whose breadth of knowledge in the food industry comes highly accredited..



Marjorie's entire career in the food industry spans over 35 years.

Commencing her early days of peeling potatoes in a country pub as a kitchenhand and as a Trade Cook, , Marjorie has used her industry knowledge and expertise to set up a Catering Business, then proceding to Food Services Manager in Aged Care and eventually teaching hospitality in TAFE.

13 years ago, after witnessing some shocking food handling practices “behind the scenes”, she followed her passion to demystify the Food Act by undertaking studies at University as well as learning about HACCP, ISO, Food Technology & Auditing; hence gaining the required skills to become the first female DHS, 3rd Party Food Safety Auditor in Victoria. She then set up her business as a Registered Training Organisation, specialising in offering Food Safety Courses to the Health Care sector.

Marjorie has designed and implemented over 500 Food Safety Programs for Hospitals, Aged Care, including Meals on Wheels, and continues to offer her services to Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Community Services, Government bodies and Prisons.

Melbourne based, she travels extensively throughout Victoria and nationally since becoming a National Food Safety Auditor.

Marjorie has successfully taught others to become auditors and since her latest role as an  Accredited Skills Examiner, she audits the auditors, now mandatory for all auditors to undertake and maintain their National Accreditation.

Although predominantly specialising in Health Care, many Lawyers seek Marjorie's services to assist restaurateurs who are facing litigation for breaching the Food Act. Marjorie is asked to provide evidence to the judge of the offending businesses food safety compliance, hence avoiding possible fines, closure or a custodial sentence.

Her latest challenge is to complete her book “Food Safety in the Home” offering helpful advice to the public.

With over 5.5 million reported food poisoning cases throughout Australia every year, Marjorie has narrowed down her stake-holders by offering her services exclusively to  people who eat!