What will AFHS Accreditation do for you

Accreditation Certificate Help you from breaching the food act
Give you a recognised logo of accreditation on your window
Gives you peace of mind
Visual accreditation to customers
Assurance when maintained
Great marketing for your business
Ensures customer peace of mind
Confidence by your staff


Breaching the food act can have huge consequences for your business...

Hefty 'on-the-spot' fines
It is a criminal offence to break the food laws
There are heavy court costs
You could be named and shamed on the public offences list
You could go to jail


We will come and assist you to make sure your food safety program is fully implemented as a preventative measure for being in breach of the food safety laws.


Guaranteed strictly confidential
Supply written report to owner/manager only
Return auditor for 'close off'
Access to industry updates
Interpreter service

We will keep it simple so you can sleep at night

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